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Cancelling an Order or Part of an Order

Time Frame. If you change your mind after placing an order, you can cancel the order (or part of the order) within 07 (Seven) days of the order confirmation, or before it is shipped, whichever is earlier.

Fee. No cancellation fee will be applied on the amount paid by you while processing the refund. Any cashback earned on the order prior to the cancellation will be deducted from Haroth.com credits. If the same cashback has been used completely or partially to place another order, the cashback amount will be deducted from the refund amount of the cancelled product.

How to Initiate a Cancellation Request?

  1. Go to the My Orders section in your ‘My Account’
  2. lick the ‘Cancel Item’ button against the Item you want to cancel.
  3. If you checked out as a Guest User (i.e. you have not registered on Haroth.com), please get in touch with our Customer Service team to initiate a cancellation.
  4. Please go through our Refund Policy to understand the refund process and timelines.
Returning an Item Warranty Policy Mattress Return Policy

Time Frame. You can return an Item within 07 (Seven) days of the item being delivered to you. Return requests are not accepted after 07 (seven) days from the date of delivery.

What’s Eligible For Return? Damaged – If the item delivered to you is in a damaged condition. In the case of minor damage (like chip-off/scratch/peel-off, torn stitches on upholstery or carpets) customers can choose not to return the item and instead request a carpenter service from Haroth.com to fix the damage.

Defective – If the item delivered to you is defective. A defect is the unfortunate result of a flaw in manufacturing, which hinders the intended use of the product (for e.g. imbalance, wooden joints opening etc). Please note that natural characteristics of the material used, like appearance or texture (especially for solid wood products) are not defects.

Difference – If the item delivered to you is different (in dimension, shape or colour) from the item image on our website.

Missing – If the product delivered to you is incomplete or has components missing.

Not Functional – It the product delivered to you is dead on arrival, this could occur in items with batteries or requiring electrical sources (like clocks, lights and bulbs).

What’s NOT Eligible For Return? Installation Issues – Wall mounting installation services are not offered by Haroth.com and therefore, return requests because of customer’s inability to get the product wall mounted will not be processed.

Relocation – After an item has been delivered to you in perfect condition, in the event of the subsequent dismantling of the item for relocation, reassembly etc, please note that Haroth.com will not be responsible for any damage to the product.

How to Initiate a Return Request? Click Product Images. To raise a return request, you should click 2-3 clear photographs of the item in question. Below are the guidelines to follow while taking the photographs.

  • 1-2 images should clearly show the entire product and 1-2 images zoomed-in on the damaged/defective area such that the relevant concern is visible.
  • The image file size should not exceed 5 MB Raise A Return Request.

Registered Users:

  • Login to Your Account > Go to the My Orders section in ‘My Account’.
  • Click on ‘Return This Product’ next to the product name that you want to return.
  • Select the ‘Reason’ and upload the supporting images.
  • Write your comments in the dialog box provided and submit the request
Guest Users (i.e. you have not registered on Haroth.com)
  • Click on Returns & Refund under the ‘Need Help’ section on the Haroth.com website.
  • Fill in all the required details like Name, Email ID, and Mobile Number.
  • Select the ‘Reason’, ‘Sub Reason’, ‘Sub Reason Type’ and fill in your order details.
  • Upload the supporting images (maximum 3, based on the image guidelines explained above) and write your comments in the dialog box provided. The file size should not exceed 5 MB.
  • Submit the return request.

Evaluate and Pick-Up.

  • Once we receive the images, Haroth.com Resolution team will connect with you within 24 hours.
  • The return requests are evaluated by the Haroth.com Resolution team in consultation with the merchant and a technician visit may be scheduled (if required). Please note that the resolution will be provided basis the technician’s evaluation report.
  • Return pick-up of product will be scheduled basis the evaluation of the technician and your subsequent interaction with our Customer Support representative.
  • Please retain the original packaging of the product, along with user manual, warranty slip and other accessories to ensure a successful pick-up.
  • A product scheduled for return pick-up will be picked up by the logistic partner of the Brand/Merchant from the original shipping address of the order, within 72 hours of initiation of the return pick-up request.

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